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web69 [cancelled]
13th August 2022

RING RING - HELLO?! It’s another web69 and it wants to boogie with YOU!

Flyer by @mistrmartn

web69 round 3 hosts none other than Latina popstar Isabella Lovestory alongside local veteran DJs Isa GT and Hanaby to make you melt on the floor til you can’t no more.

Isabella Lovestory
Becoming an internet sensation in a traditionally male-dominated genre, Honduran-born Isabella Lovestory has been making strides in pop-reggaeton music. With her hits ‘Mariposa’ and ‘Cherry Bomb’ she has claimed her tiara and throne and is bringing all these bangers and more to our club floor on this summer night for you to WERK IT! Every love story ends happily ever after…

Isa GT
End boss at local queer reggaeton party Puticlub, Isa GT is the Colombian visionary producer and DJ to look out for with the future-club-sounds with a tropical twist. With releases on legendary Fania Records and Mad Decent, she has the gems that will put your hip joints to the test!

⅓ of Local Juice Soundsystem, ½ Woman ½ Amazing, club icon Hanaby is known to bring the function into a frenzy. Quickly becoming the most sought after selector in the 030, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome this local star to close the night with a BANG!

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