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Deepspace Workshop (Open Level)
11th March 2023

To introduce James Batchelor’s performance ‘Deepspace’ at later this month, we are thrilled to open a dialogue between our guests and the artist during an intimate time of dance practice in our dance studio.

This workshop will give an insight into the fascinating creative process behind James Batchelor and Collaborator’s Deepspace. It will begin with a lecture / demonstration in which James will introduce participants to a physical mapping process he developed as part of a research expedition to the sub-Antarctic Heard and McDonald Islands in 2016. It is centred on the idea of an encounter with the unknown; a bodily sensing and scanning of space through touch. He will then guide participants to explore this process in their own bodies. The workshop is open to anyone interested in working with the physical language of the body and its translation to other mediums, no prior dance experience is required.

‘In embarking on this expedition, my primary question was; could my body be a map? I wondered how it could be a record and what information it could hold in its physical intelligence. I began a process of understanding the ship by touch. I thought about my skin, the largest organ of the body, as the first contact point with the ship. Through the immediacy of touch, I could map the ship’s environment and measure it against my body as a ‘known’ quantity.’ - James Batchelor ‘Thoughts on Deepspace’

Saturday 11/03 14:00 to 16:30, open level, 15-€